Where did you lose ____ ?

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If you were to ask a person where they lost something, what type of answer are you expecting?
My nephew was asked that quesiton, and his response was “I don’t know I haven’t found it yet”.

As an adult we don’t realize that kids take what you say literally.  I must say some kids are pretty clever 

Got Beads, originally uploaded by Mike_n_Kat.

Dade County Youth Fair

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American clown, originally uploaded by Mike_n_Kat.

I went to the fair on Monday with my sister and her family.  It has been over 10 years time since I have been to the fair.  It was great going with the kids and remembering when we went there with our parents.  I will definetly try to go again with Mike because I did not get my candy apple or corn on the cob!

This was the first time I actually took my camera to the fair.  I also can’t wait to go back to take some night shots.

B&W Pep cake

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B&W Pep cake, originally uploaded by Mike_n_Kat.

Easter Peps!

St Patrick’s Day - Corn Beef & Cabbage

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corn beef

For Jamaican’s corn beef and cabbage is also known as Bula-Beef and cabbage.  The corn beef comes in a can.  It is very easy to make.  I open a can of Libby’s corn beef, cut up some cabbage and onions.  First I sautee the onions and cabbage with a little bit of oil, then add the corn beef.  I add a dash of black pepper and some PickaPepper sauce.  We normally eat this with hardo bread or white rice.  This dish is done in less than 10 mins.

When Mike first saw this he was surprised and maybe disgusted by the corn beef in a can.  To me this was normal.  I was not familiar with the “fresh” corn beef.

Yesterday was my first attempt to make this dish in honor of St Patrick’s Day.  I stopped by Publix supermarket on the way home and picked up the ingredience.

I tried to read the package as best as I could but the instructions package was hard to read. First I cut open the package and wash the meat.  Well this was the first mistake.  Then I added cold water and started to boil the meat with the season pack.  I then placed some potatoes to boil in a seperate pot.  Ok, the second mistake.  While these were cooking I started to cut up the cabbage.  I cut them into quarters and cut the core off.  Now this was my third mistake.  Not knowing these things before, I would of striken out. 

After 2 hours of cooking, the review was it was a “good attempt”.

Next year I can do one of these options:
Go to Mike’s mom’s house for St Patricks Day, her corn beef & cabbage is the best
Attempt to cook the dish again with some instructions
Stick to Bula-beef!

It’s a boy!

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No we are not expecting!  But about 5 of our family members or friends are.

Mike just called and told me that Morgan (Mike’s bestman) and Candice had a baby boy. 
Well to find out they just found out from their ultrasound that they are expecting a baby boy.
Congrats Morgan, Candice and Cyrun! 

This is the year of the baby showers.   
So far boys rulez.  Coming soon are 3 boys, 1 girl, 1 surprise and a set of twins! 
Our family is constantly growing! 

To Blog or not to Blog?

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That is the question?

Will anyone ready my blog?
What would I write about?

I discovered that there is a cyber world out there of social bloggers after going to
Barcamp Miami with Fanless a well known blogger.

I could never play in the same playground as these bloggers but I can try to at least update my blog periodically. My first goal with this blog was to update our family and friends with wedding updates. So now what is next after the wedding?

Let’s see what inspiration comes next.
Stay tune for my next post.
Will it be about married life? Hobbies and interest? Or pictures from family events?
Who knows. Let’s see where this goes.

New Year

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I haven’t written in our blog since our honeymoon.

Now that I have a little bit more time, I will start blogging.

Excited about bar camp tomorrow!  Fanless agreed to be my buddy and go with me. 


Wedding Photos & South Florida Wedding Photographers

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I finally posted SOME of the pictures from the wedding.  There are still tons more to be posted. 
It is great to see all the different perspective and styles from all the photgraphers.

Thanks to all the photographer.  I listed a few of them below.

http://blovedphotography.com/      Brad and Laurent  from BlovedPhotography 
http://www.megpukel.com/            Meg Pukel  
http://www.debbietam.com/           Debbie & Amanda Tam  
http://www.imagesfromlight.com/   Gail Thompson from Images From Light located in Ceredo, West Virgina (my big sis)  

Set sail

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Kathys_Wedding_Oct-6-07 035.jpg, originally uploaded by kat_chin.

Pix from my co-worker David.

Greetings from Krabi - Thailand

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Greetings from Krabi - Thailand, originally uploaded by kat_chin.


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