Gregg’s presentation, originally uploaded by Mike_n_Kat.

When to barcamp orlando at the Wall Street Plaza with Mike, Jules & Fanless.
Saturday was geared to developers and Sunday for media.
Saturday was a huge turnout and Sunday was a 1/2 the number of people.
We enjoyed many of the presentations and I learned some new things too. This was defintely was a great weekend.

We attended the Izea party after Saturday’s barcamp. They have a pimped out office. I heard there is about 35 employees and they are looking to grow to 100 by the end of the year. They had several rooms with gaming systems setup for the party and an open bar. Mike was able to play guitar hero with some fellow barcampers.

Later on Saturday night we went to the 40 watt club to see Tokyo Police Club, Eagle Seagull, and Summerbirds in the Cellar. The bands put on a pretty good show. The venue was pretty small but the sound was awesome. Downtown Orlando that night seemed very happening.

After this weekend we have a better feeling about downtown orlando! Thanks to barcamp orlando for bring us to the area. We defintely will be back.