This morning Mike reminded me that today is our anniversary of our engagement.  Around this time we were in Munich, Germany’s airport. 

We started (I must say Rachel and I) started to register for gifts.  We don’t need much but there are few things I would like for my kitchen.  Yes, my kitchen because Mike does not cook anything besides pasta and frozen pizza. 

For those who know me, I love to cook and bake.  So Rachel (my maid of honor, ex-roomate from DC) went with me to register at Crate and Barrell, Macy’s and Mikasa.  Why so many places??  Well Mikasa had these really cool silverware that matched my cake set that my sister Simone got for our wedding.

Crate and Barrell is having a pretty good sale, so many items on my registry are now on sale. 

Less than 3 months away… We are getting very anxious to finally celebrate our lives together with all of our family and friends!  Can’t wait to see all of you :)

~Kat & Mike